Saturday 15th August @ The Shacklewell Arms


The Cesarians – “We are Wrong-rock, We are Odd-pop”…Yes, indeed you are…arthouse Boheme with soul you might say..and legends of East London and beyond for some years now, The Cesarians never fail to satisfy on record and in the live arena. Doubtlessly accessible to fans of Cave, Waits and Cohen , yes..but the ‘twisted sounds of old style decadence’ exemplified by The Cesarians rethinks pre- punk, post- punk, cabaret and the more twisted corners of loungecore too…dark and deviant but always uplifting, revel and reel as brass and strings and keys swingingly, achingly compliment a deft and probing riddim section and all a fabulous foil for the on stage mercurial machinations of singer, seer, sartorial agitator Charlie Finke… as engaging and invigorating a night out as you could wish for. Hackney’s true hip heart.

Snack Family – Buggerbear’s fave rave Beefheart and Morphine and Sonny Rollins informed baritone blues punk jazzer outfit, now augmented with groovy, crazy trashy keys and bleeps…wonderful band…

Jan Noble – former Monkey Island and indeed Cesarians percussionist Jan Noble delivers brain buffeting Britnik poetry- recently performed as music in excellent accord with The Cesarians’ Justine Armitage.…if you dig Ted Hughes, Jack Kerouac or Mark E Smith you’ll like Mr Jan’s work, he delivers it really well with a flavoursome tenor cum baritone, knowingly aloof and with tippertop enunciation too- reminding you that poetry SHOULD be heard….

Retoryka – Jacques Caramac has kicked the Sweet Generation into touch…so this be Retoryka.. A psychedelic shoegaze affair with layered guitar FX, off kilter and esoteric, but always a tip top tune to hum as we know from Jacques C etc… fab guitar sounds here. Also embraces some classic ’60s Sugartown style pop…‘Sunday Morning’ is never far from your thoughts…top tunes.


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