It’s true. The Cesarians did ban guitars. But only in the beginning. Then along came Budge Magraw. A bassist extraordinare, lending pounding riffs to the rhythm section. And one make of bass above all features on Pure White Speed, the new album from the Cesarians.

Win a Hofner bass here!

“I basically used three different Höfners for the whole album,” says Budge, “a 5000/1 and a couple of 500/1’s. The violins used by the girls are both Höfners too, the same model – Höfner H215 “Stradivari” Series Violins, each with “Karl Höfner Series” bows.

Here, for the first time, is the full album track listing and what Budge plays on each:

1. Post War Blues – Höfner 5000/1 “Deluxe” Violin Bass (Birdseye Maple and Gold Plate)
2. Pure White Speed – ditto
3. This Way – no bass (orchestral)
4. Everything Dies – Höfner 5000/1 “Deluxe” (as above)
5. Control – Höfner 500/1 “v64” Violin Bass (Brunette Burst, with flat wound strings, straight out of the box, and recorded this track the day I got it, shortly before it was pictured with me for the Höfner 2013/14 Catalogue cover)
6. Column – Höfner 5000/1 “Deluxe” (as above)
7. Meltdown – Höfner 500/1 “Contemporary” Violin Bass (black)
8. Woman – ditto
9. She Said – ditto
10. Blunted – ditto
11. Creation theory – ditto
12. Man Quake – ditto


“Since the recording, Höfner made me a signature bass, I met them in Germany to go over the spec, and did some demo videos for their YouTube channel. It’s now known as a Höfner 500/15 Federal Bass “Budge Magraw Signature Edition”. It’s based on an old President bass big body, but with a violin bass neck.”

And now the good people at Höfner are offering this Ignition Violin Bass (signed by the band) as a Kickstarter reward. Click the link below and get your hands on it now.




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