How Much Does a Wind Turbine Cost?

Wind energy was once referred to as the elitist form of energy and wind turbines would only be available to commercial owners for energy generation on a large scale. Now, since the times have changed, wind energy has not only become common, but much more appreciable for its cost-effectiveness as well as the commitment of such an energy generation source towards the planet.

Nowadays, many commercial, as well as residential owners, are looking forward to getting wind turbines installed in their homes to power the devices and make things energy efficient and cost-effective for themselves. In this lieu, such people have a lot of confusion and questions on the costs of wind turbines setup, it’s working, and the major pros and cons of getting such a setup installed.

While you can always visit website of the one who’s providing the turbine installation services or search over the internet for all your queries, one of your queries is about to be answered right now. Yes, we are going to brief you on the costs of wind turbines and the factors it depends on right below. So, keep reading:

Wind Turbines Costs:

There is no absolute figure that we can give to you when it comes to installing a wind turbine at your residential or commercial property. The costs vary depending on how much of a powerful turbine you’d need, who you get it from, how big is your setup, and other such factors. However, you can expect a basic residential turbine setup to cost you anywhere close to $4000 to $8000 per kilowatt of power it produces. An average turbine setup that can cater to a normal home’s yearly electricity usage can cost around $50,000 a year but many governments now offer incentives and prices get considerably low.