Is a Cleaner Recommended When Pressure Washing a Deck

A lot of the cleaning problems that people face over the course of their lives can often be successfully mitigated by adopting more of a proactive attitude in terms of planning them out. One thing that you should always at the very least try to take into consideration is that your deck would need a thorough cleaning about once a year, so it would be truly ideal if you took out a day each year to handle this task lest it spins out of control.

At the end of the day, deck washing is not something to worry about if you use a pressure washing rig to get it done. Suffice it to say that these machines can be used to pressure wash house from front to back, so they will be well suited to deck cleaning among various other things as well. However, you might be wondering at this point about whether or not you should use an additional cleaner when pressure washing the one and only deck you have, and let us be the first to tell you that this will likely be a pretty grave error.

You should try to avoid using cleaners during a deck pressure washing endeavor because of the fact that it can have an acidic effect on the wood. All you need is water and pressure, and throwing chemicals into the mix is only necessary if you are washing a concrete based surface because they can collect more grease. Wood does not have similar properties since it is far more gentle and fragile, so using cleaners would likely do so much harm that it would cancel out any good.