What Does Asbestos Roofing Look Like

A lot of the things that used to be considered commonplace as well as perfectly safe have now been found to be highly harmful, and there is a pretty good chance that asbestos is a major part of that list. There was a time not all that long ago when asbestos was everywhere including people’s walls and homes, but once its toxic nature was discovered it was quickly made illegal in new buildings although one loophole was that places that already had asbestos could get away with leaving it there.

The main problem with asbestos that should make you want to avoid using it is that it can be really poisonous, with around a hundred thousand people being killed by its presence each and every year. The truth of the situation is that a lot of homes still have asbestos roofs despite them being widely known to be hazardous to human health, and you should therefore visit our website to see what it looks like so that you can get it removed in case the home you have just now moved into has something of that sort.

Asbestos roofing tends to have a grey and mottled appearance that is akin to wet corrugated cardboard, but one difference is that it feels really hard and rigid as opposed to soft and floppy. The fact of the matter is that just a little bit of pressure can make the asbestos crumble into dust, and if this happens you should take great care not to breathe it in lest it cause massive breathing issues that could land asthmatic individuals right into the hospital where they might need to stay in intensive care.