What is a Trust Probate Executor?

One of your biggest priorities in life was likely to earn a sizable sum of cash that you can give to your descendants in order to provide them with a leg up in life, but the main problem with this is that your kids might be too spoiled to spend this money in a responsible enough manner. Hence, it might be in their best interests for you to give them their inheritance in the form of a trust. This trust can be built in a wide range of ways, and you can either choose to let them get installments to give them a comfortable life, offer them a lump sum if certain conditions are met such as them getting a college degree or some other kind of arrangement that you would find to be optimal.

All of these things are complicated, and you need a few probate and trust administration resources to ensure that everything goes according to plan. A major player in these resources would be your trust executor who is basically the lawyer that will act according to your will and testament and provide the trust in a manner that is consistent with your dying wishes.

An executor is different from a trustee, though. That is the person that actually holds the legal title to the assets, although they are not allowed to use these assets to benefit themselves. Your executor and trustee can be the same person, but it’s usually better to have two separate people acting in these roles. After all, someone that is both the executor and trustee effectively has absolute ownership of the assets and there is no guarantee that they would do what you want.