What is Cryonite Treatment?

Cryonite is one of the best and non-toxic technologies developed to get rid of bedbugs, and other pests no matter in what stage of their life they might be. This treatment is very popular, and is already being used in the United States, Australia, and most of Europe.

When applied, cryonite releases crystallized carbon dioxide, which kills any type of test immediately on contact.

Bed Bugs And Cryonite

Since the CO2 released by the Cryonite’s reaction is very cold, it instantly freezes any pests on contact, thus the name freezing treatment for bed bugs and other pests. The snow, or freezer CO2 is sprayed directly on the affected area with the help of a nozzle and hích is designed specially for this purpose.

  • Frozen CO2 is also termed as dry ice. That’s because when it heats up, it is converted directly into CO2 gas with the help of a process called sublimation, and there’s no liquid phase between ice and gas. Just because there is no liquid involved in this process, dry ice is a perfect solution for electrical sockets, and other areas in which using a liquid solution might damage the system.
  • Due to the huge temperature change that happens instantly, insects are frozen immediately, and this causes them to die.
  • The tool, through which dry ice is applied on bedbugs and other pests is very ergonomically. You can even use it standing up, and it lasts for quite a long time.
  • Due to the small particle size of the dry ice, it can easily penetrate in deep cracks and dark areas which might otherwise not be accessible with conventional methods.

Dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide is also known as Cryonite, thus the name Cryonite treatment. The bed bug cryonite treatment is one of the most effective treatments for bed bugs available right now.