Why Does My Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning

People usually complain about their carpet smelling worse after getting it power cleaned from a service provider and they quick to criticize the service providers rather than focusing on the mistake they have committed that lead to this unbearable odor, and this odor is pungent and doesn’t go away that easily, there is one plain and simple reason why carpet does smell this bad and that is because you have not given it adequate time to dry, the backing is still wet and the smell of moisture and dampness is making things worse, the experts come in with dryers which take out most of the water but it still needs a few hours to properly dry before you can place it again and put furniture on it, if you don’t do it then there isn’t any other way you can avoid this smell.

The experts not only come and do the work but they are helpful enough to guide you upon what is required of you after they have left and you have to follow the instructions in order to get the best results and not just aesthetically but it can have health implications as well, when a carpet is abruptly placed after washing when it is not in a completely dry state then it is vulnerable to mold and mildew and that is something you wouldn’t want especially after spending on getting it cleaned from a professional, once a wet carpet is placed it will catch the odor and will not go away that easily so as recommended by the experts you must have patience and follow the instructions provided by the service provider, Humble TX carpet cleaning service providers who fit the bill and provide excellent service go by the name of ViperTech carpet cleaning.